Cavoodle graduating puppy school
Proud chocolate lab pup graduates pre-school
Puppy graduates puppy pre-school

Puppy Pre - School




Start date: October 6th 2021


You cannot enrol before the intake opens and no waitlist is held.

Places are very limited so be on this page ready and waiting at 11 AM on the date of intake.


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Puppy school is as much about teaching the handler as it is about training the pup! For many, attending puppy school is your pups first exposures to new places, people, smells and activities. The first 16 weeks of your puppy's life are what dictate and set them up for how they turn out as adults. In dog land, this is called the Crucial Early Socialisation Period. 

At our puppy school, run by experienced instructors, we help you foster confidence, engagement and independence - setting them up for success! We do this by implementing a curriculum that develops as your pup does.


Our classes are generally broken into three parts - The Talking (puppy troubleshooting 101!), The Learning (where a new topic or technique is covered) and The Fun Stuff (activities and/or socialisation and/or play-based learning).


Puppies must be between 8 and 14 weeks old from the start date of the course.

Payment must be made within 12 hrs of receiving the booking email.

Pups must be fully vaccinated for their age and proof emailed immediately upon enrolling.

There are NO refunds, please only enrol if you are committed and are able to attend for the course duration.

Payment is for the puppy school courses only, if you miss a session there is no make-up class unless we cancel for rain.

BOOKING THE Puppy Courses





8 Week Puppy School


6:00 PM - 7:00 PM
Start date 9 Feb 2022


8 places out of 8

ENROL @ 11AM ON 08.01.22


8 Week Puppy School +

8 Week Beginner's Obedience


6:00 PM - 7:00 PM

Start date 9 Feb 2022

4 places left out of 8

ENROL @ 11AM ON 08.01.22

Payment must be made within 12 hrs via Bank Transfer and proof of up-to-date vaccination emailed through IMMEDIATELY upon submitting your enrolment.

If you are enrolling or wanting to enrol when classes open, please follow our Facebook Page!

We post special updates, class openings and rain cancellations for classes.

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