Club Rules

The Sunshine Coast Dog Obedience Club INC. is affiliated with Dogs Queensland (Canine Control Council QLD).
All training sessions and competitions are conducted in accordance with the rules of that association available on request or online.

The Sunshine Coast Dog Obedience Club INC accepts no responsibility for injury to members, their dogs, their property or spectators, however caused.

When attending classes there are certain rules and conduct everyone needs to follow to ensure the safety of everyone.


Parking is available outside the grounds fence as well as inside. If you park inside the grounds you MUST park on the LEFT side. The right side is for the Instructors only. 

Handler Rules

  • Dogs must have a safe reliable collar and be on a lead at all times.

  • No dogs allowed in the clubhouse.

  • If your dog makes a mess you must clean it up. We have tidy bags available but feel free to bring your own.

  • You must wear enclosed shoes.

  • Children are more than welcome, however, they must be restrained from running around the fields and disturbing classes. They are not allowed to pat other peoples dogs without asking, as not all dogs are used to children and could frighten them. The dogs are here to learn not to play.

  • Ensure you come 10 minutes early to sign in and settle your dog.

Dog Behavior Conduct

  • Do not take your dog up to other peoples dogs - the dogs are here to learn, not play. You do not know the temperament of the other dogs and they could be aggressive or nervous.

  • Do not take your dogs near the tied-up dogs or the ones in the crates.

  • If your dog shows signs of aggression or nervous/anxious be sure to let your instructor know so they can help you.

  • Dogs that do not show improvements in their aggressive behaviour after a few classes will be asked to wear a muzzle for everyone's safety.

  • Bitches who are in-season will not be allowed on club grounds.

The Sunshine Coast Dog Obedience Club INC.
Buderim Park Sports Complex, Ballinger Road, Buderim

Postal Address:
PO Box 702, Buderim 
QLD 4556