SCDOC instructors practicing obedience training
Black and white Border Collie flies over an agility jump!


About Us!

The Sunshine Coast Dog Obedience Club has been servicing the Sunshine Coast for over 20 years, promoting responsible canine citizenship.  


The Sunshine Coast Dog Obedience Club Inc. is affiliated with Dogs Queensland (Canine Control Council QLD).
All training sessions and competitions are conducted in accordance with the rules of that association available on request or online.

Our trainers here at The SCDOC have extensive experience and a passion for dogs!   

The SCDOC is a non-profit, 100% volunteer-run organization. We have classes available for all levels of experience. 


We currently hold Beginner's, Intermediate, Intro-to-Advanced and Advanced level obedience classes on Mondays, Puppy Pre-School, Rally and Competition Obedience on Wednesdays and Agility Foundation and Masters on Thursdays.

   Next intake: Sat, Jan 8th @ 11am                   Next intake: Sat, Jan 8th @ 11am                             Please Enquire 


Group Obedience 


Puppy Pre-School 


Trial Training


Group Obedience Classes

Our popular 8-week beginner's course is on Monday nights from 6 pm with 10 - 12 dogs in each group.

Upon completing the 8-week beginner course, you are encouraged to keep training with your dog and progressing up the levels!


Class Levels

Puppy Pre-School

Blue Class (Beginners)
Green Class (Intermediate)
Red Class (Introduction to Advanced)
Black Class (Advanced)
Trial Training (Agility, Competitive Obedience and Rally)



We have a new 8-week course starting every 8 weeks. Enrolments open 4 weeks prior and book out within hours, so get in fast!


We do not offer 1 on 1 or private training.


If you are considering enrolling, are enrolled or currently are a member please like our Facebook Page!

We post when classes are opening, special offers and rain cancellations.

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Obedience Classes

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